Best Fertilizers For Hydrangeas: Ratings, Reviews & Top Picks

Hydrangeas are very popular, and come in many vibrant colors including a stunning blue. Their bloom time varies as well. An interesting fact about hydrangeas is that they have flower heads so large that they can weigh down their stems because of their mass.

Hydrangeas need to receive proper fertilization to achieve optimal results. You need a good mixture of essential nutrients to promote healthy blooms, branch, and root development. The fertilizer will also boost the size, quantity, and color of the flower heads.

It's best not to skimp on a cheap fertilizer because it could contain harsh chemicals that will ultimately hamper the growth and health of your hydrangeas. Instead, we'll tell you how to find a quality fertilizer and tips on how to use it effectively for a beautiful bloom.

Buyer's Guide: Hydrangea Fertilizers

The best hydrangea fertilizers can vary from plant to plant. It depends on how you, the gardener, prefer to deposit the fertilizer into the soil, and the current state of the soil itself.

Types of Fertilizer

There are three principal forms of hydrangea fertilizer: granule, compressed spikes, and liquid. There are benefits to using each type, so you will have to consider other factors for your final choice.


You can purchase a liquid fertilizer that's already ready to use, or you can get it as a concentrate to dilute with water. The benefit of liquid fertilizers is that they get absorbed quickly through the leaves and roots. That gives a solid boost of nutrition to the plants. Liquid fertilizers can spray onto the plant leaves, or you can pour the fertilizer around the base of the plant into the dirt. 

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