Woman Uses Her Money To Reunite Vets With Their Retired Military K9s!

Thousands of dogs are being used for military services in the USA. The dogs are responsible for various missions for example searching for bombs, tracking people, and some are trained for search and rescue missions. But with the time the K9 dogs had to be separated from their handler which is devastating for both dogs and their handlers.

After retirement, the dogs are given for adoption. Though their handlers want to adopt them it is not that easy to find their dogs. They can serve in a place after their dog’s retirement and at this time their beloved dogs can be adopted by others. Besides, the adoption can cost thousands of dollars.  Molli Oliver was a kind veteran flight attendant for United Airlines. She was helping veterans and soldiers be united with their favorite canine friends with her money.

 Taylor was a Labrador Retriever who had been working with the US military. She was also called Princess Taylor or Tay-Tay. She was very good at her work and twice served in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Tay-Tay had to get separated from her owner Sergeant Tom Hanson.

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