US troops welcomed home with hugs, happy tears at Hobby Airport!

It was a beautiful sight at Hobby Airport Wednesday when more than 100 U.S. troops arrived home after serving overseas.

A big crowd was waiting to welcome them home with signs and flags.

Family and friends ran to greet the soldiers returning home from a a nine-month peacekeeping mission in Egypt. There were lots of hugs and happy tears when they stepped off the plane.

“I think a lot of us kind of take for granted what our home is, so coming back and seeing normal everyday life is always an awesome experience,” Army Specialist Garratt Alby told us while holding his little girl.

Texans Cheerleaders and Toro, the team’s mascot, were part of the celebration.

Volunteers from the Rodeo’s Armed Forces Appreciation Committee also greeted the soldiers. Three members of the committee are veterans who served in Iraq or Vietnam, so they said it was a very powerful moment for them.

The soldiers are in the 1st Battalion in the 1-133rd Field Artillery Regiment. They served with troops from around the world to make sure Egypt and Israel upheld the terms of their peace treaty.

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