Army Soldier Reunites With Puppy He Rescued In Syria At Florida Airport!

A soldier in the U.S. Army called Tyler Mosley rescued a puppy named Daisy in Syria while he was deployed there. He took care of the 5-month-old German Shepherd mix in the Army compound after she was found next to her dead sibling by an explosive ordnance disposal technician. Mosley described Daisy as "short, fat, and plumpy" and said she was very loving when he first met her.

He immediately fell in love with her and named her Daisy because she brought beauty to a bad place. While still in Syria, he kept Daisy in an old turkey cage and fed her Vienna sausages and Spam. They became inseparable, and Daisy would cry every time Mosley left her. After his return to the United States, Mosley contacted the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International for assistance in adopting Daisy and bringing her to the U.S. Daisy had been in a bad place, and he wanted to give her a loving home.

After completing the necessary paperwork and spending a few hundred dollars, Daisy traveled from Syria to Iraq, where she received medical treatment from a veterinarian. She then flew to Germany and finally arrived at the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport in Florida. Mosley and Daisy had been separated for three months. When the kennel was placed in front of him at the airport, Mosley opened it and sat on the ground to greet Daisy after her long journey.

Daisy wagged her tail and Mosley hugged her and stroked her back. He told her, "I missed you." Afterward, Mosley took Daisy home to meet his wife, Kelsey, and their cat. A tug-of-war toy was waiting for her, and Mosley said she would receive all the love in the world. This heartwarming story showcases the special bond between a soldier and a puppy in a war-torn country. Despite the difficult circumstances, Mosley's love and care for Daisy shine through. After being separated for months, their reunion at the Florida airport is filled with joy and excitement. Daisy's journey from Syria to her forever home in Florida is a testament to the dedication and compassion of individuals who work to rescue animals in need.

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