U.S. Soldier Needs Help Bringing Home Two Neglected Kittens She Rescued During Her Deployment!

Sergeant Etter, an American soldier who was deployed in the Middle East, found two neglected kittens while stationed at a base. She decided to take care of them and named them Phantom and Mau. The cats quickly became a part of her daily routine and provided comfort during her deployment. Now that her base is closing and she is returning to America, Sergeant Etter hopes to bring the kittens back with her.

She reached out to Paws of War, a non-profit organization that assists military members and their pets. However, transporting the cats home is a costly task that involves finding individuals to help with the logistics, ensuring the necessary medical records and paperwork, and paying for their international flight. Paws of War is determined to help Sergeant Etter bring Phantom and Mau home to prevent them from enduring the harsh conditions in the area.

The organization relies on public donations to cover the expenses of the rescue and transportation of animals. They have successfully assisted other soldiers in bringing their rescued pets back to the U.S. In addition to helping soldiers bring animals home, Paws of War is also dedicated to rescuing and training dogs for veterans in need of therapy animals. Last year, they helped U.S. Soldier Timothy Boyd reunite with his rescue dog, Misha, from Afghanistan. To support Sergeant Etter and donate towards bringing Phantom and Mau to America, individuals can visit the provided link.

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