Joy Behar brutally face plants on ‘The View’ after missing her seat

'The View" from the floor was not so nice.

Things should have smooth sailing and sitting for Joy Behar thanks to updated seating on the set of the long-running daytime show back in March, but things quickly went awry resulting in an embarrassing mishap.

The 80-year-old red-headed comedian reminisced Thursday about the nasty tumble she suffered on live TV after she totally missed her "dangerous" swivel chair at the start of the episode.

"Remember when I fell on stage here?" Behar asked her co-hosts on Thursday. "My tush missed the seat."

"It scared us so badly," Whoopi Goldberg recalled. "You didn't see what we saw," she told the audience.

"We saw you trying to figure out how not to fall onto the floor, and that was scary because you don't know whether to catch you and annoy you 'cause we're touching you."

Behar continued to compare her workplace to an amusement park.

"The chairs were moving. It was like a ride on Coney Island. It was swirling," she joked.

Luckily, Behar's rollercoaster ride resulted in new safety features on the set of the daytime talk show: stationary chairs with four tall legs, a square seat and an adjoining back.

"That's why we have these chairs. These are new chairs," Behar showed off the newer seats once more on Thursday.

But the updated accommodations apparently aren't up to everyone's standards.

"They're not new to my behind, because my behind doesn't fit in this chair as I've mentioned many times," Goldberg chimed in.

"The other one, my butt fit on, but it was not good for you," she joked to Behar. So we give what we can."

Earlier this week, Goldberg, 67, came to Behar's defense after co-host Ana Navarro, 51, claimed Bill Geddie, the late co-creator of "The View" "hired Joy and fired Joy."

Behar also made headlines this week after she claimed Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas, was a "sadist."

"The thing about Abbott is, he is a sadist. I looked up the word sadist, it's a person who derives pleasure, sometimes sexual gratification – I don't think that's his problem – from inflicting pain, suffering or humiliation on others," she said. 

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