“I Was a Sh*t of a Friend”: Days After Turning 51, Dwayne Johnson Reveals How Kobe Bryant Helped His Relationship With Kevin Hart

and met at an award show for the first time. A few years later, the pint-sized comedian and the burly Hollywood star were cast in a movie together. In 2016, the world first witnessed the duo in Central Intelligence and the rest, as they say, is history. Seven years later, Johnson and Hart’s friendship has grown stronger. The WWE legend, who admittedly has few friends, counts the 43-year-old as one of his closest mates.

However, that friendship might never have begun in the first place, if not for basketball legend .

What role did deceased NBA legend Kobe Bryant play in the Dwayne Johnson-Kevin Hart bond?

Kobe Bryant is perhaps one of the greatest athletes to have laced up a pair of boots. History has recorded the deceased legend’s anecdotes and stories about discipline and practice sessions. The Black Mamba had famously said that he didn’t have friends while growing up, as he was busy practicing hard to perfect his basketball skills. Johnson, admittedly, followed the same path, though not as rigid as the Lakers legend.

Making an appearance on The Pivot podcast, Johnson said he had few friends while growing up. he told the hosts of the podcast. The Brahma Bull said he respected Bryant for his discipline and took note of Kobe’s ever-learning attitude. He said he did the same in his 20s, keeping a myopic focus on his growth.

However, with age, Johnson, who recently turned 51, understood the importance of having friends. It is often said that the fruit of patience is always sweet. This might be the case with Johnson, who, after years of following a Kobe Bryant-like routine, is now more appreciative of his friends.

he said.

Speaking about Kevin Hart, Johnson said he gravitated toward him as he understood what it was like to fail and succeed. the 51-year-old said.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson seems to have found a new best friend earlier this year.

Dwayne Johnson announced his new best friend at the Grammys

Dwayne Johnson was one of the presenters at this year’s Grammy Awards. At the event, he met British singer Adele, of meeting the Hollywood star. Later that night, Johnson presented an award to the singer. While reading the winner’s name, he said, . The singer won the Best Pop Solo Performance for .

While Hart was also present at the event, it was Johnson’s camaraderie with Adele that grabbed the limelight. If you are thinking that Hart has been replaced, be assured that isn’t the case, as his recent take on the $450 million Hollywood actor showed the depth of their friendship.

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