How doomed Titanic sub passengers spent their final moments

The passengers on the ill-fated Titanic sub, including Shahzada and Suleman Dawood, had a deep fascination with the Titanic wreckage. Their journey to explore the ocean floor turned into a tragic event. The family's enthusiasm for the trip was evident, but their days on board the Polar Prince leading up to the dive were far from luxurious.

Christine Dawood, the wife and mother, initially planned to accompany her husband but couldn't due to delays caused by the pandemic. The family had paid $250,000 each for the trip, but their accommodations were cramped, with bunk beds and buffet-style meals. They attended lengthy meetings during the day, learning about the sub's safety features, although some of the technical details went over their heads.

Before descending into the Atlantic Ocean, the passengers were advised on safety precautions. They were told to follow a specific diet, avoid coffee, wear warm clothing, and be cautious of condensation in the submersible. The sub's lights were turned off to conserve battery power, but passengers could still catch glimpses of bioluminescent sea creatures. They were encouraged to load their favorite music onto the sub's player for the four-hour trip.

Despite technical glitches and uncertainties, the family expressed excitement about the adventure. As they bid farewell to their loved ones, the submarine slowly disappeared into the depths of the ocean. However, contact was lost within hours, leading to the discovery of the sub's wreckage later on.

In summary, the passengers' anticipation for exploring the Titanic wreckage turned into tragedy. The family endured modest conditions aboard the ship before boarding the sub. They received safety instructions before the descent and were advised on how to handle the unique environment. Despite the challenges, they maintained excitement for the trip, which ultimately ended in sorrow.

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