Video Of US Navy Veteran Placing Army Patch On His Son Wins Internet!


A Patching Ceremony holds a very special place in a soldier's life. It becomes even more special if a family member is present during the same. However, in one particular event, a soldier's father was not only present but also placed the patch on his son's uniform. In a video doing rounds on social media, a proud father and a US Navy veteran placed an Army patch on his son's uniform and the moment is too emotional to miss.

The video was shared by Ana A Sosa on Instagram. In the clip, the Army officers are seen standing in queues. The smiling father enters the scene, wearing a sweatshirt and jeans.


The son also smiles back and hands over the patch to his dad. The father then places the patch on the Army officer's shoulder. Both of them also share a moment. 

This beautiful moment was shared on Instagram by the grandmother of the Army officer. She wrote in the caption, "This was the most emotional moment of the whole ceremony. The Navy Veteran placing the Army patch to his son. I'm a proud grandma."

Since being shared, the video has amassed over four million views and more than one lakh likes. 

A user commented, "What a special moment."

Another person added, "Thanks to all the Men An Women standing there! Congratulations."

"Proud feeling moment. Nice," added a third user.

"Outstanding, you'll never forget this!" remarked another user. 



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