I Kiss My Five-Year-Old Son On The Lips - I Don't Care What Trolls Say !

An affectionate father from Yorkshire has received backlash from social media trolls for kissing his five-year-old son on the lips. Despite the criticism, Tom remains unbothered and vows to continue showing affection to his son.

In response to the comments, he posted a follow-up video defending his actions, stating that he will continue to kiss his son as long as he allows it. Tom finds it concerning that people have an issue with showing love to his child.

While most of the comments were supportive, some were concerned about the transfer of bacteria and inappropriate intentions. Tom dismisses these concerns, stating that he is only expressing love for his son and does not see anything wrong with it. Many people offered their support to Tom, praising him for showing love and affection to his child. Some even shared their own experiences of kissing their older children on the lips.

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