I Have 800 Tattoos And I've Been Banned From The Pub !

A woman with over 800 tattoos has been banned from a pub and uninvited from Christmas parties because of her appearance. Melissa Sloan, from Powys, South Wales, gets inked at least three times a week and even tattoos herself with an ink gun she bought from Amazon. She started getting tattoos when she was 20 years old as a way to cope with childhood abuse by her brother.

Melissa claims that her tattoos have made it difficult for her to socialize and enjoy the festive season. Despite facing infections and scars, Melissa vows to continue getting tattoos. Her tattoos have also been a barrier for her in finding employment. Melissa's tattoos serve as a way for her to hide emotional scars and feel free from the trauma she endured. However, her complaint about the abuse was not taken seriously by the police. Melissa's experience highlights the psychological and social impact of tattoos in her life.

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