I'm Addicted To Body Modifications And People Call Me a Demon!

Victor Hugo Peralta, a body modification enthusiast from Argentina, has recently undergone a new procedure called 'snake implants'. Known as the 'real life demon' due to his extreme body modifications, Victor has spent £5,000 on his new arm implants. Victor and his wife Gabriela have earned the Guinness World Record for 'most body modifications'.

However, social media users have criticized Victor for his latest procedure, claiming that he is setting a bad example. Victor's journey into body modification began at the age of 13 when he got his first tattoo on his left hand. Since then, he has become obsessed with altering his appearance, and now claims that 95% of his body is covered in ink. Victor sees himself as markedly different from others, and believes that modifying his body makes him more unique and true to himself.

He dismisses the idea that he was inspired by others, as he believes that each person's modifications are unique to them. The 'snake' arm implants were a quick and relatively simple procedure for Victor. It took just one hour to place six implants in his arms. The process involved marking and cutting the designated area, inserting silicone implants, draining fluid, and stitching the skin back up. Surprisingly, Victor claims that the procedure did not cause him any pain.

He enjoyed the entire process and compared it to the loss of a loved one. Victor shared a video of the procedure on Instagram, which received over 21,000 views and numerous comments. While some praised his uniqueness and creativity, others criticized him for setting a bad example, particularly for children. Victor remains unaffected by the negative comments and believes that his body modifications are his personal choice. He only focuses on the positive reactions he receives from those who accept him as he is. In total, the snake implant procedure cost Victor £5,160. Despite the mixed reactions, Victor continues to embrace his unique look. He believes that his body is his decision, and the opinions of others do not define his life.

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