Dave Portnoy torches ‘a–hole’ critics in rant about summer wedding look


El Pres delivered a verbal smackdown to those who ripped the attire he wore to a recent wedding.

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports who calls himself "El Presidente," addressed "a–hole" critics on Sunday in a social media video that featured the outfit in question: a white shirt slightly unbuttoned at the chest worn under an olive green suit jacket and matching slacks.

"Everybody's coming at me for what I wore to [Barstool employee Frankie Borrelli's] wedding, being like, 'Hey a–hole, put a tie on, that suit looks like it was a rolled up ball for three months,'" Portnoy said in the background of the video, which just showed a photo of himself at the wedding.


"Let me just say this a–holes… It's a summer wedding. The ceremony was a two o'clock, reception at seven. I was wearing this thing all day doing pizza reviews. That doesn't even matter."

Portnoy then explained why he wore the light color ensemble.

Warning: Graphic language

"Summer wedding, lightweight threads, cool, calm, sophisticated, chic — a little olive, a little off-gray," he said.

The internet personality and entrepreneur added that his outfit was inspired by European style after he ripped those who opted for so-called "Wall Street" looks.

"If you just want to be the d–khead who wears a navy blue suit that you probably have one suit in your closet with a navy tie like you're going to punch numbers on Wall Street, so be it," Portnoy continued.


"I went with the European look, I went with '007' — calm, the chest hair just flowing in the breeze; '87, lightweight, easy to move on the dance floor even though I don't dance.

"Read a book for me one time about how to dress for a summer wedding, you a–holes."

Portnoy added over the clip, "So many morons don't know fashion," while tweeting alongside it: "Also this rant is for all the people who say I was classless for not wearing a tie to a summer wedding."


Evan Longoria, third baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks, weighed on on Portnoy's ensemble, writing on Instagram: "The suit is pretty wrinkled though Prez, respectfully of course."

Some, however, were complimentary of Portnoy's wedding attire — including his girlfriend, model and influencer Silvana Mojica.

"Gorgeous," she wrote in the comments.

Patriots quarterback Mac Jones commented with, "Drip," while Cowboys legend Troy Aikman added two crying-laughing emojis.



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