Scantily clad women caught on camera brawling at luxurious Vegas hotel


At least four women were involved in a wild, caught-on-camera brawl near a set of poker tables at a luxury Las Vegas hotel over the weekend.

One woman was even pulled from a motorized scooter inside Encore at Wynn Las Vegas as a security guard and a bystander tried to break up the massive fight Sunday evening.

The video starts rolling mid-fight with two women, one in jean shorts and the other in a two piece dress with her thong exposed, struggling on the ground as they duke it out. 

A man in a Nike T-shirt rushes in to hold off a woman dressed in cream sweatpants from joining the fracas as he then attempts to break up the scrum on the floor of the fancy hotel.


But as he turns his attention to the two brawling women, the woman in sweats lunges for another woman standing nearby and appears to throw a haymaker, the footage shows.

The man is quickly able to grab two of the women — the ones in the two-piece and jean shorts – and separate them from the other two as he pushes them against a wall.

He then fends off the woman in the white top from reaching those two women as he attempts to keep the peace.

“Get back,” he can be heard saying as another bystander taking in the wild action quips, “Damn.”

In more footage of violent back-and-forth, the woman in the dress attempts to drag the woman in cream sweatpants off a motorized scooter before a security guard and the man in Nike interjects.

“Damn,” another spectator can be heard saying. “Crazy.”

Other footage of the incident from shows part of the brawling taking place right next to rows of Wynn poker tables as players tried to keep their focus next to the commotion.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department told The Post no arrests were made, but at least one citation was issued.

It’s unclear how many were given out.



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