Influencer Defends Her 'Innocent' Bikini Dance Alongside Her Stepdad As It Divides The Internet!

The Moana swimwear designer, 33, was seen twerking and thrusting her hips in the kitchen in front of her stepfather, who was wearing a pair of black budgie smugglers.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Karina reshared the video but added several negative comments.

'When an innocent Tiktok divides the internet, goes viral makes news headlines,' she wrote in her caption.

'Firstly, sorry to my step Dad Phil for all the unwanted attention LOL! Secondly, let me educate the masses who saw this as "disturbing" and "inappropriate. "'

The influencer went on give an explanation for the 'innocent' clip.

'Guys, it’s a hot, Australian Christmas. Our family spent it by the pool, hence the swimwear,' she added.

'People SERIOUSLY need to lighten up, stop projecting their issues, educate themselves on what a typical Australian Christmas involves and stop creating a fake reality in their minds.

During a Q&A with her Instagram fans, the designer was asked about the most common mistakes prospective employees make during her company's job interviews.

'At the end I ask if you have any questions. People blow it by not asking any questions at all or asking about salary/sick and holiday pay,' she wrote.

She added: 'If you're successful, you'll get to come in for a few hours for a trial and at the end we can talk details. This shows me you're not just thinking about yourself but also your future in my company.'

Her bold approach ruffled the feathers of many of her fans who clapped back at her 'exploitative' hiring practices.

One angry fan responded with, 'My biggest red flag would be if my prospective employer refused to discuss remuneration in the interview.'

Another upset follower said Karina was engaging in 'exploitative' behaviour which reflected poorly on her.

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