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Horrified!! Midwife 'strangled her two children, 5 and 3, to death before jumping out the top window of her Massachusetts home'!

A mother has been accused of strangling her two children to death and attempting to kill her eight-month-old baby before jumping out of the top window of her Massachusetts home.

Clancy's husband Patrick, 34, returned home at around 6pm on Tuesday to find his wife had tried to kill herself and immediately called the police, reports MassLive.

Midwife Lindsay Clancy, 32, and her eight-month-old baby both survived the apparent homicide-suicide attempt - but Cora, five, and Dawson, three, were pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Witnesses said the baby had been given CPR at the scene.

Heartbreaking pictures show Cora, right and Dawson, left, smiling. Both have been pronounced dead.

Officers arrived at the family home to find the three children 'unconscious' upstairs 'with obvious signs of trauma'.  They appear to have been strangled, authorities confirmed.
First responders rushed Cora and Dawson to a local hospital where medics pronounced them both dead. 
The baby has been flown to Boston Children's Hospital where he is alive and still being treated as of Wednesday afternoon.

Clancy frequently shared photos of her children online as she said she was 'so unbelievably thankful' for her family in one post.

Clancy's Facebook profile portrays a proud mother who frequently shared photos of her young, smiling family. 
In one post in 2020 she wrote: 'So unbelievably thankful for this family and life'.

Sources told WBZ-TV I-Team that investigators are looking at the possibility that Lindsay Clancy was suffering from postpartum psychosis. 
Plymouth District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz confirmed on Wednesday that Clancy was being charged with two murder counts.

In a press conference he said of the family: 'I cannot begin to fathom the pain, the depths of pain they must be feeling.'
He told reporters: 'I want to further commend the professionalism and the work of the Duxbury First Responders and the Mass state police.

'I'm sure many of them will not forget what they saw last evening and I think we should all be grateful to the men and women that put a uniform on that are willing to do this difficult and challenging job.
'When something like this happens there are obviously usually more questions than there are answers as we proceed forward we will give answers as we can.'
He warned 'nobody's here to speculate', adding 'we're well aware of the fact that anybody charged with a criminal crime is presumed innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt'.

He wrapped up the conference by saying: 'Certainly our hearts and condolences go up to the Clancy family'.

Officers confirmed on Wednesday Clancy would be charged with the deaths of her two children. Pictured with Cora, left, and Dawson, right.

A statement to the Boston Globe said: 'We are shocked and saddened to learn of this unthinkable tragedy. We extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected by these devastating events.'

Officers said on Wednesday their 'hearts and condolences' go out  to the Clancy family 
On Wednesday, two Plymouth women, Donna Jesse, who identified herself as an aunt of the children, and Rita Musgrove, who said she was their great grandmother, left a bouquet of pink, red, and white roses outside the home where it happened. 
'They were beautiful, beautiful children,' Jesse told the Boston Globe.

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