Fan Who Threw 36g Bra At Drake Concert Reveals Major Playboy Update!

Veronica Correia, a 21-year-old woman from Rhode Island, gained fame after she threw her 36G bra at rapper Drake during one of his concerts. The incident went viral, and Drake himself picked up the bra and mentioned it onstage. The story caught the attention of Playboy, who reached out to Veronica and offered her a modeling position.

Playboy recently announced on Instagram that Veronica has officially become a Playboy model. Veronica, who is also a single mother and a business owner, aims to promote positive body image through her work with Playboy. She will be providing exclusive content and private direct messages to her followers on her Playboy profile. Veronica also revealed that she received a private message from Drake himself, expressing his reaction to the incident.

According to TMZ, she initially had no intention of throwing her bra but decided to do so spontaneously when Drake passed by her during his performance. Veronica emphasized that her bra size is natural, and she feels proud to have caught Drake's attention. After the incident went viral, she received a direct message from Playboy, offering her a role at the company. Veronica declined suggestions to start an OnlyFans account, stating that it was not something she was interested in.

This event is not the first time Drake has had undergarments thrown at him during a performance, and he has previously addressed the issue, emphasizing that he appreciates all body types and does not discriminate.

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