This is pure love: Son reacts with joy when his soldier dad returned unnanounced!

A father who has been away for a total of 7 months returned home unannounced to surprise his son in a heartwarming video The son least expected that his dad would be coming home when he did and was so shocked and overwhelmed with happiness when he saw him The video of the happy reunion has warmed countless hearts online with many people reacting to it in different ways

A boy was thoroughly shocked and overcome with happiness the moment he saw his father who is a soldier return home unannounced.

In a trending video, the boy was seen prepared to go out of the house only to see his father walking in, and he could not believe his eyes.

His father has been away for 7 months

The man who is a soldier has been away from home for 7 months and his son had missed him so much. When he suddenly walked in, it was shocking.

The son ran with speed and gave his father a tight, warm embrace that lasted a long time. He was later seen wiping tears of joy from his eyes.

Social media users react

After the heartwarming video capturing the sweet moment was shared on Instagram by @dailymail, it got a lot of views and reactions from social media users. Here are a few of the reactions:

@cinsterz commented:

"Only your kids will love you this much so don't mess it up."

@lillianaallsmiles said:

"So beautiful God bless him. Such a handsome young man."

@charmarie13 reacted:

"Ummm...yes I am!!! Thank you for your service Sir and thank you to your family for their sacrifice also! God Bless You All!!!"

@nderimrimi remarked:

"Emotional meet father and son so heartbreaking."

@author_jj: commented:

"It's one of those moments that he will never forget."

In collaboration with Harlem Globetrotters, the woman named Sergeant Deandrea Proctor snook into a basketball court after a play and joined a group photograph in which her daughter and boyfriend were also made to be present.

It was such a heartwarming moment for the daughter and father when they noticed the soldier mum in the picture after it was taken.

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