'The Walking Dead' actors reveal props they stole from the set

The cast and producers of The Walking Dead liberated some famous props and mementos from the set before the show finished filming. Here's what they nabbed.

It's a constant battle with [director] Greg Nicotero. He always seems to get the props. I have a bat from a couple seasons ago, so I have Lucille. Lucille is in a glass case in my office. I took care of her. And Negan really didn't have anything other than Lucille. That was the big prop for him.

I still want the original leather jacket. And then I asked Greg for my Whisperers zombie mask that I don't have. He told me that there are two, and that I could get one of them. So I'm calling him out now. Greg, I'm waiting on my zombie mask! I told my daughter I was going to get my zombie mask. And she's like, "No, Dad, you don't need that."

But you know what I would've liked? I would've liked taking something from other characters. Give me Daryl's crossbow or something. That would've been cool to steal, but he's also really way on top of that s---. I think his props disappeared a month before we finished filming and they were like, "We got to make him a new one. We don't know what happened!" And he's giggling. We all know where it is.