Incredible!Gwen Stefani 'sarcasm' Blake Shelton as Miranda Lambert celebrates her First pregnancy and Fans are angry at her!

The entertainment world was rocked recently when news broke that country singer Miranda Lambert is expecting her first child. While many fans and fellow celebrities congratulated the star, one notable absence from the well-wishers was Gwen Stefani, who appeared to use sarcasm when acknowledging the news on social media.

Stefani's boyfriend, Blake Shelton, was formerly married to Lambert, which only added fuel to the fire of speculation about Stefani's true feelings. The incident sparked controversy, with many fans expressing their disapproval of Stefani's apparent lack of support for Lambert during this exciting time in her life.

Stefani's comment came on a post by a fan account celebrating Lambert's pregnancy announcement. The account posted a photo of Lambert holding up a sonogram image with the caption "It's a GIRL." In response, Stefani commented, "gx" - a seemingly innocuous reply, but one that some fans interpreted as sarcastic.

Many fans took to social media to express their anger towards Stefani, with some calling her response "petty" and "classless." Others criticized her for not being more supportive of Lambert, given her past relationship with Shelton.

This incident has reignited discussions around the dynamics of past relationships in the entertainment industry and how ex-partners should behave towards each other in public. Some have defended Stefani, arguing that she may not have intended any malice with her comment and that people should give her the benefit of the doubt.

It remains to be seen whether Stefani will address the criticism directly or if this incident will have any lasting impact on her public persona. What's clear, however, is that Lambert's pregnancy announcement has created a stir in the country music community, and fans are eagerly awaiting more news about this exciting new chapter in the singer's life.

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