Husband's Shock Discovery After Mum Killed Her Three Daughters!

Lauren Anne Dickason is on trial for the murder of her three daughters in Timaru, New Zealand. Despite her husband, Graham Dickason, revealing in court that she had previously expressed a desire to "cut their femoral arteries," he never believed she would actually harm their children.

The court also heard that after the tragedy, Graham discovered three sets of cable ties strung together in a wardrobe. Lauren admitted to killing the children, but pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Graham recounted three incidents in which his wife had expressed thoughts of harming the children, including a mention of sedating them and cutting their femoral arteries.

In the past, Lauren had been diagnosed with postpartum depression and received treatment. Graham described her as a fastidious mother but not nurturing. He believed her struggles with depression and her recent foot surgery may have contributed to her actions. The trial is ongoing.

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