Man Who Screamed 'No!' When His Wife Revealed Pregnancy Speaks Out!

A dad went viral after his intense reaction to his wife's surprise pregnancy announcement. In a TikTok video, the wife, Anissa, revealed to her husband, James, that they would be having their fourth child. James, caught off guard, had a passionate response filled with anxiety and stress, repeatedly screaming 'no.' The video garnered 8.1 million views and viewers praised it for its rawness.

However, James later revealed he felt embarrassed by his reaction and didn't want his spouse to think he was not supportive. Anissa reassured that she wasn't upset and understood he needed time to process the news. They celebrated their growing family later on. In the video, James expressed financial concerns and worries about dividing his attention among the children. Anissa had previously thought they were done having babies. The couple has since welcomed their fifth child, a daughter named Nola Jayde, and James is now obsessed with her.

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