The REAL-Life Couples Of The Cast In 'The Walking Dead' REVEALED And Renewed!

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular television shows in the 21st century. Its plot is built around couples, most of whom fuse so well that you wish they were partners in real life. Interestingly, not all of them are an item outside showbiz. However, several are married, and the real-life partners of the cast of The Walking Dead here will keep you more informed about them. 

The Walking Dead's storyline follows Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, who awakens from a coma to discover zombies have overrun America. He reunites with his non-zombie family and joins a group with other survivors not long after. Partners of the cast of The Walking Dead .

In the show, the cast must work together to live in this zombie-infested environment. The living are frequently more dangerous than the dead. Considering that the plot is built around couples, some people would want to know their real partners. 

1. Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger

Are Daryl and Carol together in real life? Not they are not. Additionally, many people have wondered whether Beth and Daryl are dating in real life. Unfortunately, that is not the case because Norman (Daryl) is with Diane Kruger. Beth and Carol, on the other hand, have kept their relationships under the wraps. Before tying the knot with Diane Kruger, Reedus dated Helena Christensen for five years. They have a son - Mingus, together and are still friends to this day. Norman also has another child with Daine, but they have kept her details pretty private. 

2. Alexandra Breckenridge and Casey Hopper 

Alexandra Breckenridge portrayed Jessie Anderson in the show. She is a resident in the Alexandria Safe-Zone. She has also performed in other television shows, including Virgin River. Alexandra has been happily married to her husband, Casey Hooper, since 2015. They first crossed paths at a Grammy's after-party while both living in California and pursuing their careers. They tied the knot in a ceremony in Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado. 

3. Sarah Wayne Callies and Josh Winterhalt 

Sarah Wayne Callies plays the role of Lori Grimes. She acts as Rick's wife in The Walking Dead. On the show, she gives up her life as a school teacher to defend herself. Lori and Rick have a son called Carl Grimes - Chandler Riggs. He is their only child when the apocalypse strikes. Carl's girlfriend is Enid; however, he has another love interest in Lydia. Sarah Wayne married Josh Winterhalt in 2002, having begun dating in 2001. They have two children; a daughter called Keala and a son named Wayne. 

4. Steven Yeun and Joana Pak 

Steven plays the loveable Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead. He is the husband to Maggie, and they are a great couple in this series. They were the first to start dating, the first to get married, and the first to plan a life together. These two looked to be having a great time in the show, but are Glenn and maggie dating in real life? Unfortunately, they are not. Yeun is married to Joana Pak. Thye have been married since 2016 after dating for a long time. The couple has a child called Jude Malcolm Yeun. 

Apart from this role, he is an actor, singer and even sometimes does voice-overs in cartoons. In addition, he has starred in various television shows, including Trollhunters and The Big Bang Theory. 

5. Xander Berkeley and Sarah Clarke 

Actor Xander Berkeley plays the role of Gregory. The self-absorbed leader meets his untimely death in "The Walking Dead" Season 9 premiere. He has also featured in other television shows, including MacGyver, Bull, 24, and FBI: Most Wanted. Xander Berkeley met actress Sarah Clarke on the set of 24. She featured as agent Nina Myers. The couple married in 2002 and have two daughters. 

6. Michael Rooker and Margot Rooker 

Michael is an antagonist on the show, acting as Merle Dixon. He has equally played an incredible role in several movies, including JKF and Guardians of the Galaxy. Mr Rooker married Margot in 1979. They have two children Alynne and Gillian. Alynne has taken after her parents and is an actress and a director in Hollywood. 

7. Andrew J. West and Amber Stevens 

Andrew J. West features as Gareth in The Walking Dead. His character is devious and extreme. He has also acted in other television shows, including Greek. While on the set of Greek, he met his wife, Amber Stevens. Amber featured as his love interest. When she learned that Andrew would act as her boyfriend, she got interested in him and reached out. They began chatting on Facebook and eventually fell in love and have been together since 2009. 

8. Andrew Lincoln and Gael Anderson 

Andrew is yet another Walking Dead cast member you cannot afford to miss out on. He acts as Rick Grimes. Rick's wife in real life is Gael Anderson. Rick and Michonne had each other's backs in the show, and you would have confused them as a couple in real life. However, this is not the case. Andrew Lincoln and Gael Anderson got married in 2006 and have been together since then. They have two children named Arthur (boy) and Matilda (girl). However, it isn't easy to tell who is dating Michonne in real life as she has not disclosed it.

9. Michael Cudlitz and Rachel Cudlitz 

Michael Cudlitz features in the AMC's The Walking Dead as Abraham The ginger-haired warrior leaving Rosita seemed capricious and cruel. However, he knew staying was more barbaric. Maybe he didn't have a chance with Sasha, but he wouldn't wait to leave Rosita for her. 

Michael is married to Rachel Cudlitz. Rachel is a former American actress who was active in the 1990s. The two started dating at school and got married soon after. They now have twin boys named Max and Mason, who were both born in 1997.

10. Seth Gilliam and Leah Gardiner 

Seth Gilliam acts as Father Gabriel Stokes in The Walking Dead. He is a priest who has isolated himself in the Episcopal Church. Other than the AMC's series, he has acted in The Wire, Oz, and Teen Wolf. Seth is married to the producer and actress Leah Gardiner. Leah is famous for directing the movie Little Men and producing the film called Mother of George. 

11. Jon Bernthal and Erin Angle 

Jon Bernthal is Shane Walsh in The Walking Dead. He has also been featured in other movies and television shows. The television shows include The Punisher, Fury, and Small Engine Repair, among others. 

Erin and Jon commenced their relationship even before Jon was a well-known star in the industry. She met Jon in 2000 at a welcome-home party thrown for him after he returned to Washington from Russia.

12. Christian Serratos and David Boyd 

Rosita and Gabriel's love is consequential. They would have never gotten together if not for the end of the world. They rely on each other and learn to grow as individuals and as a couple. Christian Serratos and Seth Gilliam play Rosita Espinosa and Gabriel. Even though they appear perfect on screen, they are not married. Gabriel is married to Leah C. Gardiner, while Rosita is the wife of David Boyd. David Boyd is a Danish-American singer, songwriter, and dancer. He is best known as the lead vocalist of the Danish alternative rock band New Politics. 

13. IronE Singleton and Commelata Singleton 

IronE Singleton plays the role of a religious man called Theodore Douglas. Many people prefer to call him T-Dog. In real life, he is married to Commelata Singleton, a cinematographer. Commelata Singleton is best known for her work on White Man Black Man.

14. Tom Payne and Jennifer Johanna Akerman 

Actor Tom Payne portrayed Paul "Jesus" Rivera on the AMC series. He first appears in Season 6 up until his death in Season 9 by a walker. He has also played roles in other television shows, including Prodigal Son and The Nightly Show. He married Jennifer Johanna Akerman in December 2020, after delaying their wedding because of the coronavirus.

15. Tovah Feldshuh and Andrew Levy 

Feldshuh is one of the most creative actors in the AMC series. He has been featured as Deanna Monroe. He has also acted in Elena of Avalor, Star Wars Resistance, and Chicago Justice. Tovah Feldshuh has been married to Andrew Levy since 1997. Andrew is a New York attorney. The couple has two children; a son called Garson and a daughter named Amanda.

16. Sonequa Martin-Green and Kenric Green 

Sonequa Martin-Green plays the role of the fierce Sasha Williams in The Walking Dead. She has also acted in The Goof Wife, Gossip Girl, Amy Wives, and Law and Order. She married her co-actor Kenric Green (Scott of The Walking Dead) in 2010. Sonequa Martin-Green and Kenric Green first met while on stage at Princeton University. They have a child called Kenric Just Green II.

17. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Morgan 

Negan and Lucille come out as one of the entertaining couples to watch in The Walking Dead. Those two make a formidable pair, and Negan loves it with his whole heart – as creepy as it is. You can not list the best couples in the series and fail to mention these two. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Morgan are Negan and Lucille. Interestingly, this pair is married in real life. Thye met in 2009 and got married in October 2019. They have two children; a son and a daughter. There you have it! These are the real-life partners of the cast of The Walking Dead. However, some actors and actress have kept their relationship affairs private. As a result, it is difficult to tell who their real-life partners are. also published an article on Taylor Swift's dating history. Taylor is a Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter. She has made a mark in the entertainment world. You all know Taylor Swift is a phenomenal artist. However, most of her relationships lack the classic fairy tale ending – happily ever after. She has broken records in her profession, and it seems her dating history is a record itself.