Deaf Fan Opens Up About His Experience Meeting Margot Robbie!

A deaf fan had an unforgettable experience when he met actress Margot Robbie at a film premiere. The fan, Thomas Perry, described their three-minute conversation as a dream come true. He praised Margot for being down to Earth and revealed that they communicated in sign language.

Thomas expressed his hope that Margot remembers their encounter and even shared his dream of presenting her with an Oscar for Best Actress. The heartwarming video of their interaction went viral, accumulating millions of views online. Fans commended Margot for taking the time to speak with her eager fans. The resurfacing of the video coincided with the release of Margot's highly anticipated film, Barbie, which has been a commercial success.

The movie has already made over $360 million in ticket sales, surpassing expectations. It is predicted that Barbie could potentially reach the billion-dollar mark globally. The film has received praise for its cast, storyline, and feminist themes. It has become the second biggest opening of all time, with only Avengers: Endgame surpassing its success. Barbie also holds the record for the biggest debut ever for a film directed by a woman. Warner Bros. executives expressed enthusiasm for the film's strong performance, stating that it reflects the intense interest and enthusiasm for the Barbie franchise.

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