Miranda Lambert Mourns The Loss Of Her Beloved Dog Thelma As She Says 'Goodbye' To Pooch In Emotional Tribute - Eight Years After Adoption!

Miranda Lambert is grieving the loss of her beloved dog, Thelma, whom she adopted eight years ago to protect her farm near Nashville. In an emotional tribute on Instagram, Lambert described Thelma's idyllic life as a devoted watch dog and urged her followers to adopt shelter pets. She shared photos of Thelma with her family, including her husband Brendan McLoughlin, who also enjoyed quality time with the pooch.

Lambert's love for animals led her to establish the MuttNation Foundation, which promotes shelter pet adoption and supports pet owners in the music industry. She created a fund to assist them with veterinary expenses during the pandemic. Lambert's heartfelt tribute to Thelma showcases the deep bond between humans and their beloved pets and highlights the importance of adopting animals in need.

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