15-Year-Old Surprised by Military Dad at American Idol Audition

Kaylin Hedges' dad serves in the Army and is stationed overseas most of the time, so she does not get to see her greatest inspiration, her dad, as often as she would like.

The 15-year-old delivered an emotional performance of, "I'm Already There" by Lonestar during the American Idol Audition which she dedicated to her dad. The judges were greatly impressed with her 'big' voice and her ability to hit the high notes at such a young age.

The judges then surprised the teenager with a video recording of her dad, telling her how much he loved and admired her. Moments later, Kaylin was in for a bigger surprise, as she turned around and was greeted by her dad who had been inside the studio, this whole time. Even the mom was greatly surprised when she saw her husband standing behind her inside the studio and ran up to him and hugged her husband.

Judge Richie complimented the teenager saying, "l mean you're 15 years old singing, singing like Streisand."

While judge Perry also complimented Sergeant 1st Class Hedges for being a great dad to Kaylin and said, "I hope I raise my daughter so that she speaks like that about me."

It is such a beautiful gift to have parents that are loving and encouraging as Kaylin's. And the beautiful homecoming reunion clip also shows, how parents are and should be the biggest influence in the life of their children.

The teenager was also given the rare platinum ticket that would let her sit out the first round after the audition. We wish her the best of luck as she advanced into the competition.

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