Baby runs towards soldier-father in happiness as he returns home after 7 months!

A viral clip of a kid welcoming her daddy has shown that irrespective of one's age, our hearts respond the same when we see our loved ones after a long period of time.

In the short video shared by @Iamsoola1, the baby all dressed up, ran towards the door into the warm embrace of her father who had been away for seven months on military duty.

The child's facial reaction strikes emotions as she kept screaming 'papa!' while throwing around her legs in great excitement.

As at the time of writing this report, the clip has been watched over 150,000 times with thousands of likes and retweets from tweeps who said that children are always lovely. compiled some of the reactions below:

@Subomilaw said:

"One of the reasons it's nice to have female kid... Which male kid has this time...."

@tweetdeyemi said:

"This picture is actually making me picture myself with a kid ni sha."

@Iamsoola1 said:

"I am crying from her voice saying papá and her laughter. true love right there."

@kashamyohannag said:

"Crying, wishing my dad could return like this some day but it is not possible I won't see him again, is been 13yrs since baba left us but it is still fresh, may God protect this man for his family so that the joy in dis little girl won't fade bcos the pains of losing a dad is bad."


"Watch this several times and it gives me so much joy, nothing like having your two parents together and all taking their respective roles actively."

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