Why Gene Always Had To Be Better Call Saul's Final Villain? The Reason You Can’t Imagine!

The story of Better Call Saul revolves around the character of Jimmy McGill, who later becomes Saul Goodman and then Gene Takavic. The show defied expectations by resolving the pre-Breaking Bad timeline four episodes before the finale, focusing on Jimmy's redemption. Better Call Saul was not just a prequel, but a layered drama about complex characters. The show had to end in Gene's timeline because it revealed Jimmy's desire to revert to his bad habits as Saul Goodman.

The bleakness of Jimmy's life as Gene hinted at the final four episodes, where he would eventually return to his unethical ways. If the show had ended with Saul Goodman's appearance in Breaking Bad, it would have cheated audiences of an emotionally satisfying resolution to Jimmy's story. Better Call Saul's core story was about Jimmy's moral journey. It was about whether he could ever become a good person and do the right thing. The returning Breaking Bad characters were a distraction from this central theme.

The finale focused on Jimmy's morality and forced him to take responsibility for his actions. The main villain that Jimmy had to defeat at the end of his journey was Gene Takavic. As Gene, Jimmy went further than ever in his scams and criminal activities. He drugged bar patrons and almost seriously harmed someone when he was caught in their house. These actions demonstrated how far Jimmy had fallen. Other villains in the show, such as Gus Fring and Lalo Salamanca, were not the main focus.

They served to corrupt Jimmy and push him towards becoming Saul Goodman. Jimmy's relationship with Lalo, in particular, showed how he was willing to go to great lengths for money and status. In the end, Jimmy's inner conflict was resolved by defeating Gene Takavic. He realized that he was not an unrepentant monster like Walter White, but a good man who had made terrible choices and was ready to atone for them. Through this resolution, Jimmy finally achieved the redemption and recognition he had always wanted.

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