Stepson of billionaire on missing Titanic sub attends Blink-182 concert amid search

The stepson of one of the five people missing in the Titan submersible that vanished while visiting the Titanic wreckage attended a Blink 182 concert in California despite the ongoing situation. Brian Szasz shared on Facebook that he was attending the concert, saying that his family would want him to be there and that music helps him in difficult times. However, just 20 minutes earlier, he revealed that his stepfather, Hamish Harding, was one of the missing. Harding is a British billionaire entrepreneur and explorer who paid up to $250,000 for a ticket on the submersible. As Coast Guard crews from the US and Canada continue to search for the vessel, experts have speculated that it could be trapped within the wreckage of the Titanic or already imploded due to structural problems.

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