What's Next For The Walking Dead Franchise After Season 11?

Season 11 may mark the end of , but a massive future lies ahead for the AMC zombie franchise. 's ending was confirmed in September 2020, leaving season 11 to wrap up any lingering plot threads and bring the Commonwealth storyline to an appropriately violent conclusion. "Rest In Peace" is, therefore, not only the final installment of season 11, but the closing chapter of a story that has embedded itself into the western world's cultural consciousness across a 12-year span.

While the main show may be over, however, the is thriving. As much as 's series finale represents the end of an era, "Rest In Peace" also triggers the beginning of a brand-new phase, as AMC siphons off some of its biggest characters into fresh projects. Although the overall amount of TV hours will be lower in 2023, the amount of TV shows releasing under 's umbrella will actually increase. This is how 's future looks after season 11.

Norman Reedus will take point in . Originally intended as a spinoff starring Daryl alongside Melissa McBride's Carol, the project's relocation to Europe prevented the latter taking part. will be set primarily in France, with and star Clémence Poésy included among the supporting cast. Finally, Rick Grimes and Michonne will return in a TV series of their own after Andrew Lincoln departed in season 9, and Danai Gurira in season 10. Lincoln's comeback was previously expected to come via a movie trilogy, but those plans collapsed like soggy zombie guts and morphed into yet another TV project.

's upcoming spinoffs will largely follow individual narratives, all of which remain secret at present. There are, however, small hints pointing toward an overarching story connecting all three. Rick and Michonne's TV show concerns the CRM, who abducted/rescued Rick in season 9. The CRM have a confirmed presence in New York, potentially linking the villains to , while 's French setting is almost certainly connected to the bombshell zombie virus revelation from season 2. As becomes a shared universe, the may provide a connective thread between each release.