Wаlkіng Deаd Stаr Reveаlѕ Whаt He Hoрeѕ To See In Rісk and Mісhonne Sріn-Off

Exclusive: Former Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs discusses what he hopes to see in the highly anticipated Rick & Michonne spin-off series.

Over five years after his time in the franchise came to a close,  The Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs shares what he wants to see in the upcoming Rick & Michonne spin-off series. Riggs played Rick Grimes' son, Carl, and faced many hardships over the course of the series before eventually being killed, including having to kill his mom to keep her from turning into a walker. The Rick & Michonne spin-off series will be a love story as Rick and Michonne fight to be reunited after years of being separated by Rick's disappearance.

In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for RWBY x Justice League: Superheroes And Huntsmen Part One, Riggs discusses the highly anticipated Walking Dead spin-off. He expresses an interest in visiting the Rick & Michonne spin-off's set, and also reveals his hopes for the spin-off to give The Walking Dead the ending that it deserves. Chack out Riggs' full quote below:

I have been wanting to actually visit their set for a while because I hear they're doing some amazing work over there. I'm hoping that it gets the ending that this whole universe deserves. It has such a long standing legacy with so many spin-offs, and so many stories that are going on. I really hope this last one just wraps it all up really nicely and closes it up. I don't think it'll come out for quite some time. So we'll have to wait and see.

How The Rick & Michonne Spin-Off Can Wrap Up The Walking Dead's Main Story

The Walking Dead began with Rick Grimes' story as he fought to reunite with his family, whom he was separated from by the zombie apocalypse. The Rick & Michonne spin-off will once again follow Rick Grimes' journey to reunite with Michonne, one of the few people still alive that he loves. Love and survival were the heart of Rick's quest, and they will once again be his main motivation.

Carl could play a role in the series even after his death, especially with Judith and Rick Jr. likely playing an important role in Michonne and Rick's happy ending. Rick and Michonne have a family, and although they lost Carl, he is still an important part of that family. The Walking Dead can honor his hopes for his loved ones with Rick and Michonne finally finding their way back to each other and their kids.

The Walking Dead has always been a battle to survive for the people who lived through the zombie apocalypse, even as they continued to trudge through grief, trauma, and new horrific dangers. This new spin-off can lean into how important hope and love are for more than just surviving. Rick finding peace after suffering so much in  The Walking Dead is a well-deserved ending for the character.