The Wаlkіng Deаd Stаr Chаndler Rіggѕ Reveаlѕ Whісh Cаrl Grіmeѕ Comіс Storylіne He Mіѕѕed

Exclusive: Chandler Riggs discusses which iconic Carl Grimes Walking Dead comic storyline he was disappointed to miss out on after his death.

The Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs reveals which comic storyline he was most disappointed to miss out on after Carl's death in the television series. Although Carl survives the entirety of The Walking Dead's comic run, he dies after being bitten by a Walker in season 8 of the AMC series. Many of Carl's comic arcs were still adapted for The Walking Dead show, though other characters are at the center of these stories instead of Rick's firstborn son.

During an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for RWBY x Justice League: Superheroes And Huntsmen Part One ,Riggs also discusses The Walking Dead. He reveals which comic storyline he wanted to play out in the series but wasn't able to. He also praises Macsen Lintzs take on the comic storyline, explaining that he thanked him for "giving comic Carl justice." Check out Riggs full quote below:

Chandler Riggs: There was a lot of stuff with The Whisperers storyline that I was really excited to dive into, that I didn't get to do. One of my good friends in real life, Macsen Lintz who played Henry in the show took that storyline from Carl from the comics and brought it to life. I remember I watched it and I was so pleased with the way he did it.

After I watched the whole season I sent him this big long text that was like, "You did a really great job in giving comic Carl justice. And for your character it was a good ending and it was well done. You did a fantastic job paying homage to that character that I played for so many years."

How The Walking Dead Continues To Feel The Loss Of Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes is a huge part of The Walking Dead in both the comics and the television series, growing into a moral compass for the group of survivors his father leads. Fans were shocked and outraged when Carl was killed in season 8, namely because he is one of the characters to live through the entirety of the comics run. A number of Carl Grimes' comic storylines were adapted to fit other characters, including his younger sister Judith or Carol's adopted son Henry.

One of Carl's most iconic arcs in the comics, the Whisperers and his relationship with Lydia, made Henry the center of the story. Carl's relationship with Lydia is one of his most important and formative, helping Carl grow into the hopeful hero that he is known for being. By taking Carl off the board, The Walking Dead completely changed the dynamic between the characters.

Carl's legacy has continued to be an important part of The Walking Dead series and will continue to hang over the stories, especially with the highly anticipated Rick & Michonne spin-off series. However, given the way the comic ends, the loss of this character is still felt by many fans, especially after the series finale. Riggs' own excitement about that storyline makes this loss even more disappointing because he clearly had more to explore with Carl Grimes, but  The Walking Dead cut his development short.

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