Blake Lively Brings Daughters To Visit Ryan Reynolds On Deadpool 3 Set!

Blake Lively paid a visit to her husband, Ryan Reynolds, on the set of his upcoming film Deadpool 3. The couple, who have been married for almost eleven years, shared a sweet kiss and cuddle during their time together on the beach location in Norfolk, England. Ryan, dressed in his iconic red Deadpool costume, was joined by his friend Hugh Jackman, who will reprise his role as Wolverine in the film.

Blake looked casual and trendy in a white cropped tank top paired with high-waisted navy blue leather pants. She showed off her incredible post-baby body as she spent time with Ryan and their two older daughters. The couple is known for their protective nature when it comes to their children and has not revealed details about their youngest child. During the visit, Ryan and Hugh filmed scenes where Deadpool and Wolverine battled each other. Despite Hugh previously stating that he was done playing Wolverine after the film Logan, his friendship with Ryan convinced him to return for Deadpool 3.

The film will use a time machine storyline to save Wolverine before his death and preserve the events of Logan. Ryan announced Hugh's casting in the film with a video to his fans. While details of the film's plot remain undisclosed, fans are excited to see the dynamic between Deadpool and Wolverine in this buddy comedy. Hugh expressed his enthusiasm for the project, revealing that he was inspired by the first Deadpool film and wanted to bring a new dynamic to his character. The visit from Blake and their daughters brought a heartwarming break to Ryan's busy shooting day. As the couple continues to balance their successful careers with their growing family, fans can't help but admire their strong bond and love for each other.

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