The Hypocrisy Of Sober Celebs Flogging Us Booze!

Celebrities who don't drink alcohol are now endorsing and launching their own alcohol brands, which some see as hypocritical. Despite their claims of not enjoying alcohol or the effects it has on them, these celebrities are capitalizing on the lucrative alcoholic drinks market. Examples include Blake Lively launching Betty Booze, Kylie Minogue's wine brand, and Jennifer Lopez launching Delola. However, some argue that it's contradictory for non-drinkers to promote and profit from alcoholic beverages.

The author, who has been teetotal for five years, felt encouraged when celebrities openly spoke about not drinking, as it normalized the choice to abstain. However, now seeing them embrace booze makes the author feel out of step. The rise of non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drinks suggests a growing trend of young people choosing not to drink, yet celebrities continue to endorse alcohol.

This inconsistency has led to criticism, with people calling out the hypocrisy of their endorsements. The decline of influencer culture and the rise of authenticity has also contributed to the questioning of these celebrity endorsements. Ultimately, consumers have become more aware that celebrities may not be living the lifestyles they promote and are less influenced by their endorsements.

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