“I Don’t Like Small Dogs” Guy Is Won Over By A Sneaky Chihuahua Which He Now Tucks In To Sleep Every Night

This is Pickles, an adopted Chihuahua who stole this man's heart in a split secondWhen Sheridan told her husband Sinclair that she wanted a Chihuahua to be their next dog, she immediately knew that it might not happen, as he'd stated very clearly that he didn't like little dogs whatsoever.

Sinclair preferred to own a dog who would be able to stand up to Merlin, their pit bull/German shepherd mix they already had. Sheridan's husband wanted a big and tough dog that could play rough with Merlin and expressed that small breeds were "yappy and mean."

Sheridan really wanted a tiny dog, but her husband Sinclair was absolutely against small breed dogsPreviously Sheridan had had experience with Chihuahuas as she owned one growing up and therefore remained persistent till her husband finally caved and gave the green light to getting one for her next birthday. Sinclair took the opportunity to lecture his wife for the whole week prior and the entire car ride to pick up the Chihuahua, declaring that the dog would be her responsibility and that he wasn't going to have anything to do with it.

The second the two met, Sinclair was mesmerized by Pickles' cute face and friendlinessThe couple ended up adopting a Chihuahua puppy called Pickles and the second Sinclair met her, she won over his heart by just staring at him and cuddling up close. That very moment, Sinclair turned to his wife, pointed at the puppy, and said that she was THEIR dog. He instantly presumed the dog dad role of caring for the new family member. And he ended up doing a complete 180 as he is the main guy to wipe her muddy paws and tuck her in every single night beside his pillow.

Pickles the Chihuahua feels just as big as the couple's pit bull/German shepherd dog MerlinPickles the Chihuahua also surprised the couple by being very athletic and choosing dogs 10 times her size to jump and wrestle with, and even manages to tire out Merlin. Pickles also has the magic power of turning their friends from small breed haters to raving fans. She does that by making human facial expressions, anything from looking smug to looking like she definitely knows more than you do.

Sheridan believes that Pickles has a way of making people feel her love, as the dog also won over her dad who, like Sinclair, doesn't like small breeds and Chihuahuas in particular. She thinks that it's hard to resist the way Pickles always welcomes everyone like they are her favorite thing in the whole world.

Sinclair is so in love with Pickles now that he tucks her in to bed every night with himWhen Bored Panda contacted Sheridan, she gave away a secret that her husband actually has said that he wants two more Chihuahuas so they would have a little "gaggle of girl Chihuahuas" and that he doesn't want any more big dogs, but will always remain a fan and love their rescue Merlin. "But he is a true Chihuahua convert now," laughed Sheridan.

"He prepares her food, puts on her outfits, washes her clothes and blankies, cleans her paws, tucks her in every night between our pillows, lets her snuggle inside of his sweatshirts when she's cold, always puts her sweater or jacket on when it's colder outside, takes her for walks, carries her everywhere, shares his snacks with her (almost always apples and carrots), he always makes sure she has her travel blankie in the car, he gives her baths and brushes her teeth, pretty much everything!" Sheridan explained her husband's numerous duties. She also added: "I am jealous of Pickles sometimes, actually! She loves me too and is a sweet girl who loves both her parents. But there have been times that he has given her a kiss goodnight and almost forgotten to give me a kiss goodnight too."

And also, Pickles is now a licensed service dog, delighting everyone with her affectionate presenceTheir Chihuahua became a licensed service dog to help the couple and their family and friends in any way she can. The thoughtfulness of Pickles has helped them through good and rough times, and Sinclair is more than happy not to have judged Pickles by her size. The love story of Sinclair and Pickles carries on, it has received over 22K likes and 1.1K comments on Facebook to date, and you can follow their adventures on Instagram. Many people admitted to having people in their friends and family circle that were avid small dog haters and have now turned into their most passionate advocates. Share your stories and opinions with us below, especially about Chihuahuas.

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