This Airbnb comes with a deaf and blind dog that leads you to the beach each morning

An Airbnb rental in Turks and Caicos is making waves — less for its accommodations, and more for the furry friend that comes with it.

In a TikTok video that has amassed more than 10.5 million views, a user named Hannah Brown shows viewers a dog named Soldier that waits for guests each morning to take them to sea, despite certain challenges the canine has.

"When your Airbnb comes with a deaf/blind dog that leads you to the beach every morning," Brown says, with the caption saying, "We get so scared that Soldier is going to fall off the front walkway every single time."

In response, many shared their sentiments about the beloved pup.

"I would follow that dog anywhere it wanted to take me," oner person commented.

"An Airbnb with dog concierge that escorts you to the beach. Lovely," another person wrote.

Known as the Lighthouse Cottage, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom property is part of a group of cottages known as Sailaway Cottages, which travelers can rent in the Thompson Cove beach area.

Beyond the dog, the listing notes that the home comes with its very own lighthouse tower with water views. The home also has its own outdoor shower with running hot water.

Built in 2019, the listing also notes that it is just 5 minutes from the airport.

"We are located right on the canal and a short 3 minute walk to the beach. Enjoy our kayaks, SUPs and snorkel gear," the listing says. "Take a leisurely 15 minute walk down the beach, and you will find 'Da Conch Shack,' known for their rum punches!"

What the listing doesn't mention, however, is the sweet surprise furry baby that awaits you each morning.

Past tenants of the property left reviews highlighting the dog.

"The home is super cute and easy access to a beautiful beach. Their dog, Soldier was our bestie all week," one person wrote.

"Amazing stay. Great location and pool and dock. Best part is soldier, the dog. He's so sweet," another said.

"Excellent location with great amenities including private access to beach, kayaking and snorkeling. Felt right at home with charming host and wonderful family pup Soldier," another past tenant wrote.

The cottage is a bit pricey — at $722 per night, with a minimum requirement of a four-night stay.

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