Woman Sets Up Camera And Realizes Why She’s Always Tired!

One woman got tired of waking up worn-out without any seeming cause. She decided to set up a camera to capture whatever was disturbing her in the night.

Ginger has lived with his mom Susie Allan for nearly all 16 years of his life, and the two couldn’t be closer. 

“He loves attention and spends most days with me when I'm working in and around the house,” Allan told The Dodo. “He loves his cuddles day or night.”


Every night, Ginger joins his mom in bed for snuggle time. He paws her awake, and if she doesn’t respond, he’ll paw her again — sometimes with his claws out. Allan was curious how often Ginger was interrupting her sleep, so she set up a camera in her room with night vision.

When Allan watched the video the next morning, she was surprised she didn’t feel more tired.


“I wanted to see just how many times this happened during the night, and I was astonished that it went on for so long,” Allan said. “It was fascinating to watch that he meows at me. ”

Every time Ginger jumps on the bed he has a clear goal: to free his mom's arm from the blanket so he can use it for snuggles. Once his mission is complete, he’ll sleep for about two hours and then go about his cat business, returning later for another snuggle session.


Allan posted the video to TikTok, where it quickly went viral. Most of the comments she received were nice, though many people suggested locking Ginger out of the room for a better night's rest. However, the mischievous cat knows how to operate door handles, and refuses to be shut out of any room — even the bathroom.  


Still, Allan doesn’t mind sharing her bed with Ginger, even if he interrupts her sleep. Most of the time, his warm little body helps her drift off — and she knows he’s grateful to be close to her.

“I love the little ginger floof and am happy when he wants to cuddle,” Allan said. “Maybe I sleep better with cat cuddles.”

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