I was kicked out of a store over my shorts — I’m a victim of ‘hot phobia’

No shorts, no service.

An OnlyFans star was kicked out of the supermarket for her skimpy outfit, but she believes she's a victim of "hot phobia."

Kerolay Chaves was confidently strolling through the grocery store in Brazil, wearing a nearly see-through white tank top without a bra and denim shorts so high-cut that they verge on bikini bottoms.

The 21-year-old shopper claims that she was minding her own business when she noticed other customers serving her hostile looks and aggressive insults — before she was kicked out by supermarket staff.

"Just came from the supermarket and was bullied for wearing 'too short clothes'," Chaves shared on Instagram. "Some people looked with prejudice, others cursed me and, finally, I was kicked out of the site."

Kerolay Chaves, 21, says she was kicked out of the grocery store while shopping in a skimpy outfit.

The adult entertainer was distraught by the treatment she received at the store, turning to her 437,000 followers for support.

"Do you believe it? I think it's absurd that we women are still treated this way just because we dress how we want," she declared. "Truth is, we go through it because we're too hot, that's all."

But she didn't receive the responses she evidently expected, as most commenters seemed to agree with the judgemental crowd at the store.

"No need to go to a supermarket dressed like that," wrote one critic in a comment below the post on Instagram. "You are embarrassing the decent people who are often there with children."

The 21-year-old was pictured wearing a see-through white tank top with no bra and denim shorts that verged on underwear.Jam Press/@kerolay_chaves/CO Press Office

Another agreed with the store's decision to remove her from the premises.

"I guess the same way a shirtless man would get kicked out of the spot happened to you," they joked.

Chaves later told NudePR, "I felt offended by the gratuitous hate I received both in the market and in my Instagram post."

"I think all these insults have more to do with the 'hot woman phobia' I face on a daily basis."

However, many people in person and online seemed to agree that her barely there outfit was inappropriate for the store.Jam Press/@kerolay_chaves/CO Press Office

The Brazilian beauty is just one of the latest hotties complaining about the judgement they receive for their good looks and confidence.

Shye Lee went viral earlier this year when she got candid about the ugly side to pretty privilege, claiming she's had to drastically alter her life because of her good looks.

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