Dear Military Family: If You’re Feeling Tired and Sad, It’s Not Just You

The article expresses the emotions and concerns of military and veteran family members when significant military events occur on the international stage. The author mentions words like "fear," "retaliation," "deployment," and "harsh response" that resonate with military families. The author shares their personal feelings of being "tired," filled with "dread," and overwhelmed with sadness at the thought of more service members deploying, including their own loved ones.

The author reflects on witnessing the joyous homecomings and heartbreaking funerals of service members throughout their writing career. However, with each new significant world event, the author admits to feeling not only fear but also a deep exhaustion and sadness. They understand that more service members will be deployed, some will not return, and many will be injured.

The author acknowledges that conflicts have always altered lives and will continue to do so. The author leaves the decision-making regarding force strength and funding to the policymakers and military leaders. Instead, they choose to stand in solidarity with fellow military families and friends, recognizing the emotional and moral toll on both those who serve and those who wait. They admit not having all the answers but offer support and a reminder that everyone is feeling a little sad. The article concludes with a suggestion to stay updated with military news, benefits, and more by subscribing to

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