Man Throws Only Son Out Window, Reason Will Leave You Speechless

As every day, dozens of people were walking through a busy sidewalk of the city when the sound of heartbreaking screams caught the attention of the crowd, who were shocked to see what was happening.

Through a window which was in the middle of a large building, a little boy was crying desperately while his small body was hanging from the hand of a man. Immediately, everyone began to scream to order the man to stop while trying to contact the police to notify them of what was happening. What happened next left them all speechless and without a doubt is something they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

Carolina was a young and humble girl who had been raised in a Catholic family, who had instilled her faith in her since she was very young. Every Sunday, her parents took her with them to Mass, while the rest of the week they always took a few minutes to go to Mass with her.

They always took a few minutes a day to read together the word of the Lord and to teach their little girl that the most important thing in life was to love God above all things. Because if she loved God, she would love every being in the world and she would be a good person. As the years went by, Carolina grew up and became a beautiful young lady.

Thanks to the effort of her parents, who worked tirelessly selling exquisite handmade bread, which was very popular in the town market, and the support of a generous family who attended the same church as them, she was able to get into a good university, she was able to study, to become a veterinarian, something she had always dreamed of since she was a little girl. In that new environment, far from her home and surrounded by people, Carolina felt overwhelmed and was even teased when one day she asked her classmates where was the church they attended on Sundays.

Where do you come from, a non-school? Sundays are for resting after partying, said one of them, while they all laughed out loud. The poor girl felt so ashamed and wanted so much to fit in, that little by little she was moving away from her faith and adapting to the customs and lifestyles that, according to her friends, people of her age should lead.

And that was how, years later, while partying with her friends, she met Rodrigo, a boy from another university, who, as soon as he saw her, began to flirt with her. And from that day on, he went looking for her everywhere until he finally won her over and they started dating.

He was the son of a wealthy family, and his parents were also the leaders of a mysterious religion to which he belonged. After months of romance, Carolina proposed that they traveled to his town so he could meet her parents.

And although he always made some excuse, he finally agreed. That day, while she and her mother were preparing the room where they would sleep, she took the opportunity to tell him that Rodrigo had told her to move in together, and she had liked the idea.

You should think about it better, my girl. I think you are rushing too much. Besides, there's something I don't like about that boy. When she heard her mother's opinion, the young woman was very upset. Is it because he doesn't believe in the same God that you do? No, it's not that. It's just that there's something strange about don't give me explanations.

I don't want to hear you. Rodrigo is right in not wanting to come here. You don't know anything about the real world. Since that visit, Carolina moved away completely from her parents, and just as she had planned, she moved into her boyfriend's apartment to start a new life with him.

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