The Walking Dead characters who definitely won't be back in 2023

The Walking Dead ended its historic run about one season shy of 200 episodes. The AMC series bowed out in November of last year with a special 90-minute series finale that both ended its extended eleventh season and brought the story to a close.

It's a huge turning point for the franchise, because it spent most of the past decade essentially being just a one-show party (until spinoff Fear The Walking Dead attempted to add some context to the zombie apocalypse in 2015). Now, it seems that the end of The Walking Dead is just the beginning for the TWD Universe.

That also means we will reunite with some beloved TWD characters in the upcoming spinoffs. Right now, we have Fear The Walking Dead season 8 (which has been confirmed as the show's final season), as well as new spin-offs Dead City, Daryl Dixon, and Rick and Michonne. And the series finale of the main show began laying the groundwork for all three of those new spinoffs.

Unfortunately, as we move into this new era, there are some characters that won't be returning in the foreseeable future. On that note, who won't we see this year?

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