The Walking Dead: Latest Dead City trailer unveiled!

The Walking Dead: Dead City is the first of three new spin-offs set to expand the TWD Universe. It's strange to even imagine the universe now that The Walking Dead has concluded but it's also an exciting new chapter for the world that the AMC show has spent the past 12 years building.

Coming early next year, Dead City will see Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprise their respective roles as Maggie Rhee and Negan Smith from parent show The Walking Dead in a new story that will take the enemies-turned-allies to New York City.

AMC has now unveiled the first look teaser trailer of the show, which premiered for AMC+ fans last week after the series finale of TWD. 

Giving us a glimpse into the world of Dead City, the teaser trailer is brief but effective. It offers up the first real look at the new setting that Maggie and Negan find themselves in and it's pretty larger than life. It also features some familiar sights as well, such as a horde of Walkers and the eerily empty city streets.

The final shot is a close-up on what appears to be a conflicted Maggie, with Negan watching her from behind. Given the pair's tumultuous history over Negan's heinous actions during The Walking Dead's run, it's likely that there will be plenty of confrontation between the two. Maggie may have gotten to a point where she can trust him from a survival standpoint, but she'll never forgive Negan for what he did to Glenn, and that will no doubt continue to play a major role in the spinoff.