EXCLUSIVE! 'The Walking Dead' New Season Trailer: Morgan VS Mysterious PADRE Will Stun You Pretty Much !

A new teaser trailer for Fear the Walking Dead season 8 sees Morgan trying to rescue Mo from PADRE, insisting everyone must fight to survive.

A new teaser trailer for season 8 sees Morgan and Madison going up against PADRE to rescue Morgan's daughter Mo. season 8 will be the final season of the long-running spinoff to . The final season will see the return of Kim Dickens as Madison Clark in a series regular role, having returned to the show in season 7, episode 16 following Madison's supposed death in season 4.

Now, has released a new teaser trailer for , which teases Morgan and his group's struggle against the mysterious PADRE.

The teaser features PADRE doing mysterious experiments on survivors using decapitated Walker heads. A voiceover from Morgan insists, "," as action-packed scenes of zombies and gunfire flash by.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Will Be Morgan's Toughest Fight Yet

season 7 ended with Morgan following Madison to PADRE, the pair being blindfolded as they are taken on a boat. Previous  indicate the final season will take Morgan back to Georgia, where PADRE seemingly operates from. The season will also feature a seven-year time jump that will line its story up with when 's later seasons take place.

season 8 will see Morgan trying to make sure Mo isn't harmed by PADRE and that his group of survivors also live through the ordeal. His goals may be motivated by what happened to his son Duane in , who died some time between season 1 and season 3. Morgan doesn't want to lose Mo the same way he lost Duane, making his fight with PADRE all the more personal.

With poised to end Morgan's story where it began, the seasoned survivor will likely find inner redemption by saving Mo from PADRE. His efforts may also lead to PADRE's downfall, giving Morgan the opportunity to reshape Georgia with his group and survive another day. However, Morgan's road to saving his daughter will also be a difficult fight, with season 8 shaping up to be a thrilling conclusion to 's longest spinoff.

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