'The Walking Dead’s Rick And Michonne Spinoff Star Teases Shocking Finale!

The Walking Dead's Rick and Michonne spinoff star Lesley-Ann Brandt hints at a shocking finale to the upcoming six-episode series on Twitter.

's upcoming Rick and Michonne spinoff series may have a shocking finale, as teased by actor Lesley-Ann Brandt. The star joined the cast of  as Pearl Throne, a character whose role is currently a mystery. Rick and Michonne's spinoff is expected to air in 2024, with the series currently filming.

Now,  has shared her reaction to the final episode of 's Rick and Michonne spinoff on Twitter.

Brandt's post indicates the final episode of the show will be a shocking conclusion to the series. Aside from her reaction, she doesn't give any other details as to how Rick and Michonne's six-episode journey together will end.

What Surprises Are In Store For Rick & Michonne?

The final episode of teases Rick and Michonne's upcoming adventure, as Michonne tries to locate Rick who has been captured by the CRM. Behind-the-scenes footage from the series has revealed , running from a group of Walkers chasing them. In addition to the threat of Walkers, the series is also expected to heavily feature the CRM as the show explores how Rick was captured by the group.

Story details for the Rick and Michonne spinoff are still being kept under wraps, but it seems the pair will reunite with one another before the series comes to a close. If the finale is as shocking as Brandt hints at, then it's possible the duo's love story will end with one of them in a dire scenario they may not be able to escape. However, Brandt's surprise could also hint at story details that haven't been revealed yet, setting the series up for a wild conclusion.

Because AMC stated 's Rick and Michonne spinoff is intended to have more seasons in the future, there's a very small chance either of the duo will be killed in the series. Instead, it's likely that Brandt's reaction has something to do with the story itself, possibly related to the CRM and their upcoming importance in the show. It appears 's Rick and Michonne spinoff is set to have a surprising ending that may define the future of the pair's love story.

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