Cop Turned Onlyfans Star Makes $2m a Year, Fears Men Only Want Her Money: ‘i’m Scared Of Gold Diggers’!

A former cop who makes millions of dollars on OnlyFans has revealed she has never been on a date and is “scared of gold diggers” using her for her hard-earned cash.

, 28, has been sharing saucy content on the website since it started back in 2016, and she quit her career in law enforcement several years later when the money began pouring in.

The British bombshell can make upwards of $200,000 USD per month on , but says she’s now worried about attracting a man who’s only interested in her income.

“I do worry with the cars that I have that a guy would look at that and be like, ‘Jackpot I get to drive supercars and luxury cars every day and live in a big house,'” Rose told Jam Press.

The stunner recently splashed $350,000 on a purple Lamborghini — a lavish vehicle that may attract the wrong kind of man.

However, Rose says it’s not just gold diggers that scare her off dating. The busty brunette says she’s never had a boyfriend and is now too busy to prioritize her romantic life.

“I don’t really socialize, as I’m always working, so I don’t really meet many new people,” the ex-cop claimed.

“The only time I chat to guys is on OnlyFans — and most of them are faceless, anonymous guys,” she added. “The ones who do send pictures, I always wonder if I’m being catfished and it’s really them.”

However, she said she is eager to find love and wouldn’t say no to a date “if the right person came along.”

“I think in the next couple of years, once I’ve really got myself set for life, I can calm down on the work front and focus on ‘me’ time – and I guess with that a guy may come,” she optimistically stated.

Rose also clarified that her OnlyFans account isn’t overly explicit — and she makes millions without exposing her entire body.

“Everyone assumes OnlyFans is just porn – which I have nothing against, but personally I don’t do that level of content,” the beauty stated to Jam Press. “My page is very tame but it works because I’m niche – so many pages are hardcore but I won’t do that, I like my page to be different.

“I’ll roleplay and talk to the camera as if it’s a guy and cover some fantasies, but it’s mostly me talking to them,” she added. “It’s personal for me and I’ve built up relationships with a handful of my fans that I talk to daily and know inside out. I know their children’s names, their job titles and if they’re having a bad day – and when they are, I’ll send a voice note and some pictures of my dogs to cheer them up.”

Rose says the personal commitment she gives to her paying subscribers is taxing — and that she can be working 16 hours a day.

However, when she finally meets the right man, Rose already knows what she wants for a first date.

“In an absolute dream world my ideal date would be some isolated beach in the Maldives or somewhere, candlelit next to the ocean,” she cooed. “But in the real world, probably a McDonald’s Big Mac and strawberry milkshake!”

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