Amazing! Canadian Trans Teacher With Size z Breasts Kayla Lemieux Claims They ‘Are Real’!

The Canadian high school teacher who goes to work wearing size Z prosthetic breasts incredibly claimed they’re not fake — and denied being the person photographed them — but acknowledged she can’t prove it.

“I’m not wearing prosthetic breasts. These are real,” Kayla Lemieux told The Post during an exclusive interview Saturday.

Lemieux — who wore woman’s clothing, with a blond wig, makeup and her enormous breasts — said she’s “not a transgendered person” but was born “intersex.”

“My condition is classified as gigantomastia, which can also be referred to as macromastia or breast hypertrophy,” Lemieux said during a sit-down at a cafe in Burlington, near Toronto.

“It’s rare, there’s no doubt about it. It affects women on a very rare basis, but in my case, I believe — and my doctor thinks — because I have XX chromosomes as well, that has something to do with it, and hormone sensitivity to estrogen has caused it.”

When pressed for proof, Lemieux — who spoke in a soft, high-pitched voice with a pronounced Canadian accent — said she’d never received a formal diagnosis.

Lemieux also denied being the person who was photographed by The Post last week driving out of her apartment building and walking on a sidewalk a short time later.

That person — who was dressed in men’s clothing and did not have breasts — bore a striking resemblance to the teacher and was identified by a neighbor as Lemieux.

“I can’t tell you who that is because I don’t want to bring anyone else into this. I don’t want that person being thrown all over the media, but it wasn’t me,” Lemieux said.

“This is who I am. This is how I look. You’ve been talking to people in my building but what they’re telling you is harsh and untrue. I am always going out looking the way I am. ”

Asked if her appearance ever differed from the way she looked at the time, Lemieux said, “I guess if I took my wig off or took my makeup off.”

“But I would still have breasts. You can’t hide them. People online making comments are basically body-shaming,” Lemieux added.

Lemieux has sparked worldwide controversy since photos and videos of her went viral last year, shortly after she began working as a shop teacher at Ontario’s Oakville Trafalgar High School in September.

The school has also been subjected to  , with targeted threats made against Lemieux and school officials.

Students have also reportedly been  if they snap photos or shoot video of Lemieux on school grounds.

Lemieux told The Post that she began undergoing hormone replacement therapy in 2021 and was “in transition.”

“I identify as a woman. Female. She/her,” Lemieux said.

When asked if the hormone therapy was responsible for the size of her breasts, she said, “Yes.”

“My whole life, I’ve been identifying as male. I’ve been looking like a male. When I decided to embrace this other side of me around age 39, this presented itself,” she said.

Lemieux said that being intersex “can mean different things to different people but generally, as a male you’re born with XY chromosomes and women with XX chromosomes.”

“Intersex people can have a mixture of those two different sets of chromosomes. It can be something they don’t even know about. It can show up in other physical attributes at birth so it can be more obvious or less obvious, depending on the person,” Lemieux said.

The famed Cleveland Clinic describes gigantomastia, which Lemieux claims she has, as “a rare condition that involves developing extremely large breasts due to excessive breast tissue growth,” with only about 300 cases reported.

“It affects people assigned female at birth. If you have gigantomastia, you’ll experience rapid and disproportionate breast growth. The speed at which your breasts grow can vary, from over a few weeks to over several years,” .

“It can happen during puberty, pregnancy or from taking medication. In some cases, it occurs spontaneously and for no reason.”

Photos and video of Lemieux shot in school have shown her wearing tight clothing with large nipples protruding under the fabric of her top.

Outraged parents demanded that the Halton District School Board impose a dress code for teachers, which was initially rejected last year due to concerns about violating Ontario’s Human Rights Code.

In January, the school board agreed to  requiring that teachers maintain an “appropriate and professional” appearance but a Wednesday school board meeting erupted in raucous public complaints, according to the National Post.

Cops were called after several board members left the room and one woman was reportedly ejected.

Julia Malott, a transgender mom from Kitchener, Ontario, attended the meeting and spoke in favor of a dress code that would allow teachers to express their self-identified genders.

But Malott, 32, told The Post that she was baffled by Lemieux’s prosthetic breasts.

“I cannot fathom why someone would wear something that publicly sexualizes themselves in such a way,” Malott said. “What they are wearing is absolutely not appropriate for school. It is fetish wear used in sex work and the drag industry or people in their own houses who enjoy it. It is certainly not something I would want my daughter to see.”

Malott also said, “When you transition, your goal is to blend in, to the extent that’s possible.”

“When someone wears such large prosthetic breasts, which captures international attention, that’s what’s left in many people’s minds about trans people in general,” she said. “It doesn’t cast a good light.”

Lemieux told The Post that she “would follow the direction of the board on what they mandated” but denied that she dressed in a provocative fashion.

“I don’t think there’s any problems with how I have dressed. It’s the personal opinion of other people. I don’t think I have dressed unprofessionally,” she said.

“I am covered up in all these photographs that have been taken. There were some comments in the fall about me wearing what they called bicycle shorts and they said that was inappropriate.

“But if you look at those pictures, they come nearly to my knees. You could call them short leggings in a way. There are teachers wearing leggings to school all the time,” she added.

When asked about her prominent nipples, Lemieux declined to answer.

Lemieux also said she was “fit to be a school teacher” and said she’s “never discussed my personal life in the classroom.”

“The narrative is, I look sexualized. That is a narrative that has been constructed,” she said. “People are not really in my opinion sexualized. People look the way they look, they can’t help it. You should embrace the way you are, you should be confident in the person you are.”

Lemieux added: “If I had a low opinion of myself or if I didn’t have such a wonderful self-image, I would have been crushed by everything that’s gone on in the media.

“But to me, it’s just background noise. It’s very annoying and is a bit scary, actually,” she added.

When asked why she agreed to break her silence and speak publicly, Lemieux acknowledged that it took “some courage.”

“I am trying to show I am a person, I have feelings and I am trying to show people I am human,” she said. “I am not trying to win anybody over or get anyone on my side. People will believe whatever they want to believe. It’s time to get my story out there.”

Representatives of Oakville Trafalgar High School, the Halton District School Board and the Ontario Education Ministry didn’t immediately return requests for comment.

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