Taylor Swift reacts to viral video of her sprinting off stage: ‘Still swift af boi’

Taylor Swift recently had a humorous incident during her Eras Tour concert in Cincinnati, Ohio. As she finished performing "Look What You Made Me Do," she realized that the platform meant to lower her backstage wasn't opening. In a clip uploaded on TikTok, she can be seen swiftly running off the stage through the back. The video went viral, and thousands of fans commented on it. Taylor herself joined in the fun, commenting, "still swift af boi," referring to her quick getaway. Fans found her comment hilarious, with some expressing surprise that she used the term "boi." One fan even joked about the fear of having your boss sprint up behind you unexpectedly. Despite the mishap, Taylor continued the tour, surprising the Ohio crowd by bringing out Gracie Abrams, one of her opening acts, for a performance of "I Miss You, I'm Sorry" on the following night.

During the past four months, Taylor Swift has faced various challenges on her Eras Tour. She performed in pouring rain and even with an open wound on her hand, demonstrating her dedication to her craft. In another incident, a bug flew into her mouth while she was performing in front of 60,000 fans in Chicago. Despite swallowing the bug, Taylor took it in stride and made light of the situation, apologizing to the audience and joking about the abundance of bugs. She acknowledged that it might happen again but remained unfazed. Overall, Taylor Swift has shown her professionalism, humor, and ability to handle unexpected situations during her tour.

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