Baby Reaches Major Health Milestone After Laser Birthmark Removal!

A mother faced backlash after treating her son's port wine birthmark with laser therapy, but now celebrates his remarkable progress. Five-month-old Kingsley was born with a large birthmark on half his face, which can be linked to glaucoma and Sturge Weber Syndrome. Determined to prevent potential complications, his mother, Brooke Atkins, made the difficult decision for Kingsley to undergo laser treatment. Despite receiving hate online and being called a 'monster,' Ms. Atkins has no regrets. The treatment has been successful, and now, at 18 months old, Kingsley's birthmark is almost completely gone.

In addition, he reached a major milestone in June by going an entire month without a seizure, which is significant progress for his health. His parents are grateful they chose to pursue the treatment when he was a baby, as it would have been more stressful for him later in life. While the decision received criticism, many supporters have praised Ms. Atkins for her courage and her dedication to her son's well-being. They believe that she made the right choice out of love and wanting a better life for Kingsley.

Port wine birthmarks are usually harmless, but in certain cases, they can lead to complications. Laser treatment is often used to keep the skin healthy and prevent further damage. Kingsley's journey serves as a testimony to the power of parental love and the importance of making tough decisions for the sake of a child's well-being.

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