I'm a mother-of-12 and feed my kids out of a BABY POOL!

Alicia Dougherty, a mom-of-12 from New York, has come under fire after revealing that she feeds her children in a baby pool without utensils or napkins. In a viral video on TikTok, Alicia showed viewers how she prepared a 'nacho party' for her large brood. She poured tortilla chips into the pool and added ground meat, cheese sauce, lettuce, olives, tomatoes, and sour cream.

The kids then dug into the pool and ate the meal with their hands. While some people found the idea fun and creative, many others labeled it as 'vile,' 'disgusting,' and 'unsanitary.' Alicia's TikTok channel has over 6.1 million followers, where she shares about her life with four biological children and eight adopted children.

She believes that children who have been through foster care deserve to have fun and enjoy their childhood after experiencing a difficult past. The Dougherty family has grown over the years through adoptions and biological births. Despite critics, Alicia and her husband, Josh, continue to provide a loving and caring home for their blended family.

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