Whoopi Goldberg Walks Off 'The View' During Miranda Lambert Selfie Debate — To Snap Pic with 91-Year-Old Fan!

Whoopi Goldberg walked off the set of "The View" during a debate about Miranda Lambert's concert, where she called out a fan for taking selfies. Goldberg argued that if people pay money to see a concert, they should show respect and not ignore the performer. Co-host Sunny Hostin disagreed, saying she would take as many selfies as she wanted if she paid for the tickets.

Goldberg pushed back, telling her to stay home if she didn't want to respect the performer. She then walked off the set, leaving the other co-hosts confused. It turns out, Goldberg left to take a selfie with a 91-year-old fan in the audience. The debate was sparked by Lambert's recent concert, where she stopped singing to address fans taking selfies instead of listening to her perform.

One of the fans involved in the incident said she was "appalled" by it and that they were only trying to take a quick picture before sitting back down. The concert reportedly lost its energy after Lambert's scolding.

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